Breaking out of old routines

January is here and the festive parties and get togethers are over. Outside the window lurks a chilly wind and the degrees slowly drop. Not much is going and it is slowly killing you. It is not like you can get on the nearest plane when there are chores to be dealt with and a job to attend.  Breaking out of old routines can be difficult but I have managed to find some things that can add that extra silver lining.


Text a friend a random message. Instead of the usual ZUP?WHAT’SGOINGON, write something completely different like a new idea you just came up with or that you just saw a hamster in a tree. Once your friend replies your usual conversation takes a whole new turn and you end up talking about the politics of Afghanistan.

Spice up your Bolognese. I think there’s hardly anyone out there who doesn’t cook something with minced meat and tomatoes practically every or every second week. I understand why – it is fairly cheap, fairly good and fairly quick. But good heavens, it is fairly boring too. I have realized I can’t break away from the Bolognese but have managed to be a bit more creative when I get down to business.

Option#1Add black beans, corn, caraway and parsley

Option#2Add a tablespoon of Dijon and fresh mushrooms

Option#3 Add cream and red wine


Go to a fancy restaurant on a Tuesday. Let’s say you are out with a friend or your better half just walking around town. Instead of deciding on the Monday that you should have a three course meal on a Saturday, why not skip that old routine and just walk into the restaurant on a gloomy and boring Tuesday night. Pick a nice place you see and just take the leap.The advantage is that the service would be great since the staff is not stressed out. A night like this can take an unexpected turn and you can both end up having a great time or just simply a great meal.

Find new music in the store. And by that, I don’t mean the record store as those glory days are over. No, what I mean is when you are in there browsing and all the sudden hear a nice song coming out of the speakers . Try to capture the lyrics and quickly note them down in your phone. With a little help from your friends and Google you can then easily track down the song you liked by typing the phrase in Google Search. BAM! You have found a new artist, band or genre.

There are also other things you can do. I tend to talk to old ladies on buses (they can teach you life lessons), make Spotify playlists or organize my drawers or boxes.


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