Throwback Thursday: Vamos a la vacation

I must admit that half the point of going to Barcelona is sangria which  tastes so much better than in Sweden. Maybe it is the warm days that make you develop a thirst for the red beverage. Or maybe it is due to the fact that the Spanish people master what I believe is their national pride.

Nevertheless, in Barcelona, there is basically so much more to do and see. During the daytime one needs the energy to walk up a steep street to see the art of Gaudi in Parc Guel. These funny and dynamic creations in the park are enjoyable. There are big mosaic frogs and lizards which can purchased in miniature versions. I would say these are perfect souvenirs for family and friends back home.

The tourists of Barcelona are by no means the arrogant and pushy kind. It is my belief that they are thankful for the amount of street space that the city offers. They don’t need to elbow their way around. Hence, the inner parts of the city constitutes of a web of narrow and winding alleyways, that just need to be explored. You never know what waits around the corner of that old gothic building. It could be a small store, a restaurant or the perfect stranger.

What you do need to push for is to reach the right city block on time. Or else the night could turn into a quest for where the party’s at. Some city areas a vast and not packed with pubs. It is desirable to find a place with a vibrant atmosphere and the right buzz. A strong party character needs to be developed in order to wait around until 3pm when the magic starts to happen. This is when the nightlife is at its peak.

A piece of good advice is not to feel ashamed of being a tourist and hop on the tourist bus. Next stop will then be the architectural wonder Sagrada Familia.  Pictures must be taken to prove you were there. Another stop would preferably be along the boardwalk to go for a swim in the sea. The buildings along the coastline are carefully designed to blend in and not to interfere with the colors of nature.

In my opinion, it is worth paying  10 euros for a funicular ride to the top of Montjuic. Even a person who is a little scared of heights would think it is worth the effort. (and pain) in order to see the medieval castle. The turquoise water glitters beautifully from up there and makes the view of the industrial dock strangely beautiful. On the way down it is possible to go for a swim in a public swimming pool, which is conveniently situated on a plateau. It is a nice contrast to the concrete housing down below. On the next plateau of the mountain, is a lunch restaurant . Here, the view makes the pizza  just naturally taste like a slice of heaven.barca2When tired of stumbling around on Rambla it is perfectly fine to abandon the city life, by taking a 15 minute walk from the city centre to the seaside.You get kind of tired of endless chain stores like H&M, Berschka, Pull&Bear and Vero Moda. Also, there is the agony of seeing those small, fury animals all caged up for sale by the market stands.

The sand of the beach Barceloneta is fake but the waves rolling in are at least real. It is somewhat crowded and salesmen hover like flies around you. There is the possibility to rent a bike and cruise a long the boardwalk, pretty neat!

After a couple of days in Barcelona it is safe to say that there are plenty of things to choose from, like a tapas menu. It is however not possible to become full. You just keep coming back for more, and then you have some Sangria on top of that.

Once you get back home and want to relive your adventures I recommend the book Shadow of the Wind (Vinden skugga) by Carlos Ruiz Safón. The story is set in the old beautiful blocks of the city and follows the adventures of Daniel, a boy who finds a secret book…

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