Café Simpan and other places

Living in Malmö is like being trapped in an old marriage. It’s pretty, nice and comfortable but can get boring and predictive sometimes. After years and years in the city I have found some places I like to visit more or less frequently.

Café Simpan

Café Simpan has a a sort of Copenhagenish vibe. It must be the rugged yet relaxing interior.  The ambiance is pretty laid-back. Simpan is not a hardcore pub nor a harcore café – it is something in between. Which means that you could just as well order a beer or a cup of nice tea.

Slottsträdgårdens Café

The surroundings are lush, beautiful and a bit offbeat, since not all people know about the hidden jem in the outskirts of the park Kungsparken. However, on a sunny day the café is packed with people. Luckily, there is a generous amount of seating. Sitting here feels like being part of a fancy garden party.



Pronto is a nice café situated on the medieval square of Lilla Torg and has the best cheesecake that Malmö can offer. Cosy up on the second floor by walking up a narrow and completely dangerous staircase.


The staff pride themselves on not belonging to the average collection of hipster-beerplaces on Möllevångstorget, the alternative part of Malmö. Tröls offers a more relaxed outing with a nice patio and good food.

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