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Copywriting straight from Sweden

Planning on expanding on the Swedish market? That’s great news! Or – superkul –  as we would say.

Did you know that Swedes prefer salty licorice over sweet? Or that we call the @-symbol a trunkshaped A? If your answer is no, my copywriting services might come in handy. Get your English texts turned into Swedish, lovable lingo.

I’m Mika Dahlquist, based in Malmö, Sweden. Lover of French cheese, music and Copenhagen. A native Swedish freelancer with copywriting skills and a knack for marketing translation, localisation and SEO. My mission is to bridge the gap between different cultures to help companies succeed online. Several years of working in Denmark has fueled my interest in intercultural communication. 

Let me help you increase your company’s online visibility in Sweden. Besides writing copy and content from scratch, I also translate texts from Danish and English to Swedish. Avoiding Google Translate and using authentic Swedish expressions will build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Translation without intention is like bolognese without parmesan

truly believe that translation is about finding the cultural essence in both the source and target language, not only translating word by word. Let your sales texts express your brand voice and establish credibility. 

I enjoy creating a catchy headline, Google-friendly copy or a tagline that pops. You will love it – and so will your customers!

My services

  • Content writing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Translation from Danish or English to Swedish
  • SEO
  • CRO – conversion strategy
  • Review of the website’s terms & conditions
  • Swedish Buyer’s journey input
  • Localisation
”Mika is a distinguished skillful copywriter. Yet, the depth and enrichment Mika brings to the table is way beyond the duty and requirements of the job. The talent Mika showed was nothing less than her commitment, professional delivery, vibrant team work spirit and resonant insights that were of tangible contributions to the whole project”. Ahmed M., WeCodeforyou.

Creative translator & copywriter with a digital mindset

I’ve had the opportunity to work fully in eCommerce/digital marketing since 2018, but was already taking on my first SEO-related task back in 2013. I have a solid academic background, as well as completed courses in content marketing and digital marketing in my toolbox. My copywriting clients are in the beauty, health, lifestyle, DIY, rental, construction and retail industry.

English, Lund University 90 credits

Content marketing, University of California via Coursera

Strategic communication, Linné University 15 p

Medieinstitutet: Courses in digital marketing: SEO, digital strategy, storytelling, inbound marketing

Tools: CMSGoogle Analytics, Ahrefs, Search Console  and Ads, Photoshop, Meta Manager


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Please contact me on LinkedIn or email me at mika.dahlquist @ gmail. + com.

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